Environmental management,certification and quality

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The message of an environmental label is: “Better than ...!“
Consumers expect high environmental performance from products and services with an eco-label. This outstanding quality has to be guaranteed. Therefore the criteria have to resemble a remarkably high environmental standard and this has to be ensured by means of independent control on a regular basis.

The international standardising organisation ISO defines “environmental hallmark” as follows:
An environmental hallmark is a voluntary program, based on many criteria, which grants a licence, that allows the utilisation of the hallmark on products. The hallmark stands for the fact, that they can generally be preferred to other products from a certain range of products under environmental considerations and that in this sense the complete life-cycle was taken into consideration(ISO 14024 Ecolabels Type I).

Conservation is best put into practice in a continuing way, integrated in the management oft the enterprise or organisation. For an environmental management there are different systems. EMAS is the system with the furthest-ranging expectations with regard to conservation.